The Orb

We care about our oceans. Will you help us save them?


“The Orb – The Abyss” is a fantasy novel set under water. Amaris Wenceslas, author of the “The Chariots of Orion” series, said that the Great Barrier Reef inspired her to start writing the story as a child, before the reefs started to shrink. We are proud that Amaris is an ambassador for Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, and passionate about doing her share to save our oceans. This is why for every sold copy of “The Abyss” we will donate a part to the non-profit organisation Big Blue Ocean Cleanup to help protect our beaches, and our oceans.


How to help and get your signed copy of “The Abyss”:

1) Follow Amaris on Instagram @amariswenceslas

2) Preorder your signed copy of “The Abyss” here: The Abyss – The Orb part 1

3) Amaris will announce on Instagram when “The Abyss” is available, and you will be sent your copy before the book is available in the shop – doesn’t that sound amazing?

The Abyss – The Orb 1

Find the original announcement of “The Abyss” on Amaris’ website: