Girl power for sci-fi

Girl power for sci-fi

16. January 2019 Off By administrator

Amaris Wen (Wenceslas) seems to be as intriguing as her newest work, the science fiction novel “The Chariots of Orion 2: The Contract”. Her fairy-like appearance, with the candy floss white hair and the red lips, build quite a contrast to her favourite genre—hard science fiction—, and the kind of music she became known for—hardcore electronic dance music.

Amaris is an inspiration for every young woman proceeding into what used to be considered “male” territory, like science fiction, when saying that she “doesn’t care” whether a genre is considered male or female. She also says that “the story chooses the genre, not the author”.

Amaris is definitely a refreshing new face in the world of science fiction, announcing her new novel as bluntly as she would with a new album (she released her fourth LP in June, 2018), and showing her talent for world building on a website created for the Chariots of Orion world, where you can even learn her fictional extraterrestrial language. It seems to come as no surprise that clothing brands have already secured their partnership with the quirky multi-talent, engaging her as brand ambassador.

“The Contract” is the anticipated sequel to “The Chariots of Orion 1: The Request”, and available now.

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